The "LOWERYE" flock of British Charollais Sheep.
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Lymore Farm.

   Situated below the former county town of Montgomery, Powys, Lymore is a tranquil spot. Originally a deer park belonging to the Herbert family (as does much of the surrounding area), it is now part of the Powis Estate.

   The farm totals a shade over 320ac, with all except 60ac within a ring fence. Around half of the farm is down to permanent pasture, much of it of historic value (the parkland) with remainder being in an arable rotation. We currently have 85ac of Spring Barley in the ground (with thanks to a contracting neighbour), along with 8ac of Fodder Beet and much of that S.Barley ground will be double cropped with stubble turnips after harvest. The aim is to out-winter as many sheep as possible, with almost all feed being grown on farm. The intention is to rotate some of that arable ground around, in order to reseed with productive PRG and clover leys.

   All of the farm was very acidic (pH 5.2-5.4) when we arrived, with little soil reserve of P & K (index 0-1). To begin to correct that, we are applying 2t/ac of lime across the whole farm and applying compound fertilisers to raise soil indices. We are also setting about spraying the weeds (primarily thistles & nettles) out of the pastures, prior to starting to improve the leys with the introduction of ryegrass and white clover.

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View of Lymore from Montgomery Castle 1

View from the castle 2

View from the castle 3

View from the castle 4

View from the castle 5

The Upper & Lower Pools

The Windy Oaks

Copper Beech Trees