The "LOWERYE" flock of British Charollais Sheep.
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Lowerye Lord.                                                        Updated: 02/11/2012

    L.Lord (ZVY:1100861) is an exceptionally correct son of L.Krikey (ZVY:00078) out of ZVY:00110, a huge L.Juggernaut daughter and combines several of our best bloodlines. He was born as a result of an ET program on a group of ewe lambs, and was reared on forage only from being born in March 2011. On that feeding regime he grew like a mushroom, weighing 80 kg by October and being in a 'finished' condition from 30kg right through.  At his 21 week recording, Lord scanned with a good eye muscle, a decent level of fat and exceptional growth. CT scanning showed his muscularity and lean meat yield to be amongst the highest in the breed to date. He is the highest index stock sire in 2012 at 506.



Sire: Lord is sired by L.Krikey (ZVY:00078), who was the highest index stock sire in 2011 and in second place to Lord in 2012. 


L.Krikey (ZVY 0078).

Krikey was sired by Rockvilla Golden Promise (VV6049), who was a rare animal that combined performance with show ring success. As a lamb in 1996, he was first prize at Balmoral Show. As a shearling in 1997, he was male champion at the Royal Show and as a 2 shear in 1998, he won the Breed and Interbreed Championships at the Royal Welsh Show. 

    Rockvilla Golden Promise (VV6049).

(Picture used courtesy of C.Sercombe, Dalby flock).

    Golden Promise has also sired numerous show winning progeny including Dalby Izzie, who won the Breed Championship at the last ever Royal Show, and Logie Durno Jackpot, who was awarded the Breed Championship at the Royal Welsh Show in 2010.

Dam: The dam of Lord is ZVY:00110, a huge daughter of Lowerye Juggernaut (ZVY 9040) who is was the first prize junior stock ram in the Central Region flock competition 2009. Juggernaut is a son L.Del Boy (ZVY 3198), who is still one of the top maternal ebv sires in the breed, and out of an ET sister to Rutland Ensign (1st prize RASE as a lamb and as a shearling) who was herself a prize winner at the Royal Show as a ewe lamb in 2004.



    Lord was used on almost everything that was unrelated to his sire in 2012, such is the promise shown by his early progeny. Look out for his progeny next year.

  Sire Reference EBV's:

    On the BASCO website, Signet ebvs are presented as a bar chart, with coloured bars showing deviation from a breed average based on 100. Lord's chart below, shows just how exceptional this animal is on most traits (FEC and Mature Size are not routinely measured within the Charollais breed, so accuracy is very low).


8 wk wt. 21wk wt. Muscle. Fat. Index.
ZVY1100861 +5.28kgs +11.60kgs +5.40mm +0.10mm 506
Top 10% +4.31kgs +9.32kgs +3.75mm -0.64mm 357

    I have included the top 10% percentile ebvs for reference. 

    Lord carries 2 copies of the MyoMAX gene.

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR.


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